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We always want something different it seems. A new car, a new job, to win the lottery, to have children that excel in school – the list is unlimited. However not many of us are not willing to work at something long and hard. We want it to be easy. Accomplishing our life’s goals or dreams, or wanting to be happier requires effort. ‘Nothing good comes easy’, so I hear.

For me, I’ve always had a coach of one type or another by my side. It’s not that I’m unmotivated to achieve my goals, but the support has been invaluable. A business coach, a spiritual coach, a life purpose coach and more lately, a transformational coach are some of the ones that I have chosen on my journey. The times in my life where I was ‘winging it alone’ were the times that I felt I was going in circles – circles in my head and circles in my life’s direction. You know, just like the hamster on his little wheel; pedalling fast but going nowhere.

A few times I have used a therapist or a counsellor when coaching wasn’t even heard of as a profession. This approach didn’t allow me to necessarily think for myself, or choose the direction of my journey. There were too many judgments, suggestions and opinions that didn’t allow me to ‘feel’ what was right for me. You know, that gut feeling we all have but ignore.

We all know what is good for us. Sometimes you can go through periods in life, short or long, where you question everything and nothing seems to be going where you want it to go. I’ve found these times were from a lack of clarity, within myself. The answers I know were inside of me, but I couldn’t hear them for the lack of peace, harmony and faith.

Sometimes the answers become clear in one session! Sometimes it takes longer but there is always the greatest sense of inspiration when you work with someone that has no agenda but to see YOU succeed! You know you are capable. You know you can do anything. Nothing is hard but that which is in our minds. If you want life altering changes, book a session with me – I’ll help you along your journey with passion, and you will never again feel resigned that this is all you can do or be! You are ready for this!

I’d love to help you set your goals and reach them with ease! I will customize a program specifically for your needs and plan out how we will surpass your wildest dreams!! Schedule a Meet & Chat with me, I can’t wait to talk to you!


Rat Race no More

I decided when I was 38 years old, that I was going to put my dream of working for myself into action. I was tired of changing jobs every 2 years, not really building a career but job-hopping instead. Within 2 years of thinking and dreaming of working for myself, I did it! And 17 years later, I can say I’ve had the time of my life! I would not trade it for the world.

However, in the last couple of years, business has been far more quiet then I’m accustomed to, so I decided to fill up some of my time by getting a full-time job, while waiting for more contracts. I worked full time during the day, and managed my business during the evening and weekends.


I didn’t feel any different being employed than I did years ago when I gave up working for someone else, and here’s why:

•When on salary, all the extra hours you spend working aren’t compensated for

•You use up all of your energy during the day to have none left for when you get home

•Work seems to think they own you by expecting you to have a work phone, where you answer phone calls and emails when you aren’t supposed to be working

•You work with people who prefer you don’t think for yourself, so they can make all the decisions for you

•You have to work for too many micro managers with power struggles that are trying to make a name for themselves

•There is never anytime for a coffee break or lunch to fit into your schedule other than those sips or bites before dashing to another meeting or task

•Being 2 minutes late can be an issue but taking a sick day is even more of an issue

•There is a lack of respect for the years of accumulated experience and education, especially if you don’t have a title

•You begin to believe the pay cheque, benefits and pension plan is something you just can’t live without

I’m here to tell you that you can live without all of the above and get everything you ever desired, from owning your own business. It does however take a leap of faith to get you going.

I was a single mom raising two children on my own, in a city that I recently moved to. I had no other source of income – just my pay cheque. The work dynamics were not great for me at all. I thought there was more to a career than thinking I have another 40 years of working for this employer or any other. There is a lot more out there in life for you but you need to let go of the old way of life, and the old way of working, to transition you to a career and business you would love to wake up to every morning.

At Fournier Coaching, we help you transition from work to your own business. I’ve been there. I know what it takes. I know the fears you are facing. I know the work involved to be successful. I did it. You can do it! I can help. It’s up to you. Call me!


Rat Race No More

Crumpets and Tea Anyone?

You may want to think twice about your beverage choice!
Your cup of tea could be filled with pesticides. Yes, one more thing to worry about.

The English ceremony of having afternoon tea dates back hundreds of years, to the 1650’s, when ships would carry tea, beautiful porcelain tea pots and cups from China and Japan to Europe. Since tea leaves were extremely expensive, it immediately became popular with the Royal Family and aristocracy. But hundreds of years ago, pesticides were not used to propagate the growth of tea.1

Sadly, now most conventionally grown tea is doused in pesticides while it is growing, to fend off any number of pests – such as insects, mold or weeds. Most tea is not washed before it is distributed into individual tea bags, and as you would suspect, the pesticides are waiting for you right there in that cup.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been testing various tea brands for the last several years. Their findings are both shocking and scary – 1 in 4 teas had pesticides in them, at levels above what is allowed for human consumption.2

CBC’s Marketplace further investigated, and found that, for example, Uncle Lee’s Legends of China Green Tea had an incredible 22 pesticides in it, with 6 over the allowable limit.3

You can find the full Marketplace Tea Test Results here:

The FoodBabe also reports that “A recent third-party analysis by Glaucus Research and discussed here found that 91 percent of Celestial Seasonings tea tested had pesticide residues exceeding the U.S. limits. For example, Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal contained 0.26 ppm of propachlor, which is a known carcinogen under California’s Propsition 65.”4

This is troubling news to those of us who enjoy one or even several cups of tea throughout the day. Since it is such a perfect snack time choice at the office, to just enjoy a few minutes with your favourite tea, and step away from the stress piling up on your desk, there must be a solution.

Here is a list of bagged tea that is safe, put together by David Wolfe:2

•    Red Rose
•    Numi Tea
•    Rishi Tea
•    EDEN Organic
•    Organic Stash
•    Choice Organic Teas
•    Two Leaves
•    Organic Tazo
•    Organic Traditional Medicinals

Additionally, check the package on some of the flavoured or more fancy teas, it’s important to also avoid added flavourings and GMO’s. Always buy organic and non-GMO, and if you can, try white tea. It is actually made from younger leaves, so they have less time to be exposed to pesticides before they are harvested for processing.

If you can buy organic loose leaf tea, and use a glass or stainless steel infuser, you are also avoiding the potential exposure to chemicals in the tea bags. (I know, what next?!)

“According to Dr. Mercola, many “paper tea bags are treated with epichlorohydrin, a compound mainly used in the production of epoxy resins. Considered a potential carcinogen by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health2 (NIOSH), epichlorohydrin is also used as a pesticide. When epichlorohydrin comes in contact with water, it hydrolyzes to 3-MCPD, which has been shown to cause cancer in animals. It has also been implicated in infertility (it has a spermatoxic effect in male rats) and suppressed immune function.”4

Check out this amazing chart from The FoodBabe, to cross reference the safety of your tea.

Definitely continue to have mini-vacations at work with a cup of tea, but be sure to choose your tea from the safe list!

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Jo-Anne Richardson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Jo-Anne works with Fournier Homeopathic & Integrative Health to provide online education for clients and patients. Her interest in healthy, joyful living is demonstrated in her writing, coaching and teaching. Her goal is to improve the health of her community by empowering you with knowledge, support and new ideas.

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