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Life’s Journey

Definitely no destination is in mind when we talk and write about life’s journey. It has a multitude of turns, u-turns and detours. Some refer to it as a spiral of sorts; others a winding road. Whatever you want to call it, it definitely isn’t a straight line. Sometimes it would be much easier if it was a straight line, but maybe boring, which can only be said after it is all done.

When you think you got it all figured out, you know, those days when clarity is your friend, then something or someone steps on your path to make you question everything you’ve believed up to this point, despite the minutes or the months it has taken you to get here. So frustrating!

Go with it, the universe says. Get out of your own way says the wind. Stop thinking and analyzing says your family and friends. Oh! What to do, say I, while I pull my hair out and sit in a catatonic state.

Some days it feels like I’m in this vortex – black hole, if you wish, that is just going to swallow me up. Other days, I feel like I’ve been sitting in the same spot, literally for days if not months on ends. This is painful!

I have to say though, when you get past this vortex or catatonic state, you can say it was all worth it because you’ve managed to get to some ‘destination’ in your life that feels like progress! Yes, progress!

Yes! This is life! The ups and downs and the good and the bad like a roller coaster ride.  To be perfectly honest it’s the only way to live life. If you were constantly down, that would be sad and if you were constantly up, it would be exhausting. The ride keeps the emotions moving so you can feel your own pulse and know without a doubt that you are among the living.

I have to say though that you want that pulse to be strong and thumping. You want to feel the rush of emotions; the joy, the happiness and the feeling of success; the kind of feeling that makes you want to dance right then and there. Who cares who’s looking? Who cares if they judge? Who cares what they think? All that matters is that here you are on the other side of not knowing where your life’s journey is taking you, to the absolute most amazing feeling in the world – I’ve made it. The feeling deep down in your soul that says, ‘yep, this is it’! This is where and what I’ve meant to be doing my whole life. When the universe sends you that message, you’ll know without a doubt, you’ve returned home, to where you belong.

Life's Journey

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