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Creating Your Life’s Vision of Real Health

Now that we’re heading into a new season, it’s time to SPRING into your personal power!

Let’s create some refreshed energy and vitality!

Make a list of the goals you have for the next 6 months. What is on your list? Maybe journaling, growing a small garden, learning a new hobby, going for 15 minute walks at lunch, starting your day with a healthy smoothie, exploring a new destination or experiencing real health! 

Now, get out your bristle board and craft skills!

Go through old magazines, print a few pictures online or use words to represent your goals, wishes and desires. Creating a vision board can help to harness your mental power and capture your intentions. This gives you a daily reminder and manifestation station to help you draw your dreams into your life and remind you of your goals! Hang it in a room that you use often, and set your intention to achieve exactly what you wish.

We’re here to help you with your life’s objectives. Check out our services and schedule an appointment with Lucie today to discuss how you can experience real health through natural remedies, gentle healing modalities and realizing your heart’s desires.


Jo-Anne Richardson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Jo-Anne works with Fournier Homeopathic & Integrative Health to provide online education for clients and patients. Her interest in healthy, joyful living is demonstrated in her writing, coaching and teaching. Her goal is to improve the health of her community by empowering you with knowledge, support and new ideas.

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