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It’s Okay to be Vulnerable

I think we are all vulnerable – especially to what scares us the most. Whether this be the potential for true love, a career that we would love to have or just to be ourselves, each and every day. It is our vulnerability that keeps us stuck, when our heart truly wants what is right in front of us. Often, we are too scared to reach out and grab it because it just seems too far or too unattainable or more succinct, we don’t believe we deserve it.

I’ve struggled with vulnerability my whole life, like many of you have. I still do on some days. Anyone who tells you otherwise, isn’t being authentic. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s what makes us humans. What you do with it makes all the difference in the world.

Be scared all you want. Keep all the fears you have. Be vulnerable. Don’t tell anyone. Stay the course or better yet, do something about it. Tell only one person that understands how you could possibly feel. Get out of that rut and live the life you were meant to live all these years. Invest in your life by taking action.

It’s all too easy to stay the course. Why should we change? Life has been ‘fine’. No great highs and no great lows. Everyday is the same. Why rock the boat?

We rock the boat so we can live our life to the fullest. It’s so much easier to just keep going on the path of least resistance than it is to reach out and say, I want that, or I want him or I want… We think life is easier if we keep the stress out and our vulnerability in but it doesn’t offer us the best life possible. We exist versus living. We survive rather than thrive and we settle versus fighting for what we truly desire in our hearts.

Take your vulnerability on a ride of a lifetime. Invest in yourself and in a coach that can get you from where you are and what you have to where you want to be and what you wish for. Life ends way too quickly for some, and those of us still here, must excel to live a vibrant journey chasing our dreams well others have been denied that extra time. Don’t waste it settling for that rut I call vulnerability.

I’d love to help you set your goals and reach them with ease! I will customize a program specifically for your needs and plan out how we will surpass your wildest dreams!! Schedule a Meet & Chat with me, I can’t wait to talk to you!


I want a Red Porsche!

One of the most talked about times in an individual’s life is when the kids are all grown up; moved out and living a life of their own.  All these years of taking care of them and coaxing them along, to bring you to this moment of ,‘What’s next? What do I do with myself? What is my life purpose?’

Chances are these thoughts were already percolating in your mind for years. Mine started when the kids went to university, especially the last one.

If you have a spouse, one of 2 things happen:  you carry on to fulfill some of your dreams together or you decide to separate to live the life you’ve always dreamed of – alone or with a new love.

This is what some call the mid-life crisis.

For many years we plod along, day in and day out, following a routine where our family and our careers take precedence over our lives, and we forget ourselves.  We give too much of ourselves away, and forget to nourish our own dreams and desires.

If you have been paying attention and following your heart, chances are a mid-life crisis may not happen to you because you’ve been living your dreams all along. For those of us that live vicariously through our spouses or children, we wonder why and how we got to this stage and realize that our own transformation can no longer be delayed or denied. We pick up the pieces so we can become whole once again, or maybe even for the first time.

It’s time to take a good, long, hard look at your life; figure out what’s working and what needs changing, and be brave enough to make those changes. Fear is the only thing that steps in our way because we allow it to immobilize ourselves from taking even one step in the right direction, or any direction for that matter. It doesn’t need to be right. It just needs to be.

What are your goals? 

• Do you want to have a total health transformation?

• Do you want to start volunteering for your favourite cause?

• Do you want to quit the corporate world and create a soul business that brings goodness to the world?

• Do you want to start an online company and allow yourself to travel the world?

• Do you simply want more freedom?

Make it happen. Make anything and everything you ever wanted – happen.

Find yourself; stay true to yourself; and step outside of your comfort zone. Live life to its fullest every single day; every single moment.  Now if you want an excuse to buy that red Porsche, a mid-life crisis is as good a reason as any.

If you need help to make what you want happen, create an amazing transformation in your life, or want to create a small business to fulfill your dreams, I’d love to chat with you. I offer a  FREE 15 minute consultation to get to know you a little, see what your goals are and identify how I can help. Please schedule a “Meet & Chat” with me ~ I’d love to talk with you!


I want a red porsche

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